Thursday 14th January 2016
New Kings Ferry Services

Following feedback and current journey experiences, new service CityExpress 727 has been introduced. The new route avoiding the biggest cause of delays, Blackwell Tunnel. The 727 will use the normal route to Black Prince but from this point it has some flexibility to choose best route to the first bus stop in London. The core route will be via Blackheath and south London towards London Bridge. This service will provide another option to west and City customers when there is exceptional congestion to get you from London back to a stop relatively near your home.

Passengers in Maidstone are enjoying a new service on commuter route 774. The Kings Ferry have also added 5 new stops in London road meaning they can service a completely new area of Maidstone and have added an extra coach (774b) to provide customers a degree of choice of service. The 774b service commenced this week on 11th January 2016.

Additionally following customer feedback on route 726 in North Greenwich, where passengers have said that this service would be more popular if it was a little later in the afternoon, the operator have changed the departure time to 1745. Kings Ferry have been successful in securing TfL's support to implement the change straight away rather than wait the regulation of 90 days before a change can take place.

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