Sunday 15th May 2016
Birham Council Hold Crisis Talks With Scottish Citylink


A petition calling for the return of cancelled bus services to Birnam has attracted over 800 signatures.

When City Link stopped its inter-city buses coming into Birnam in November, locals formed the Save Our Birnam Bus group (SOBB).

They began a petition calling for the return of stops at Birnam on the Edinburgh/Glasgow - Inverness intercity bus service.

They also asked the Scottish Government to work with the bus company to provide a full intercity bus service from Birnam.

On Wednesday representatives of the group had a private meeting with Stagecoach/City Link to hand in the petition.

Scottish City Link Coaches has previously said that there is “limited demand” for buses to stop in the village and that there is “an increased demand for faster, limited stop journeys”, which influenced its decision to scrap some bus halts in Birnam.

SOBB spokesperson Pam Green told the PA: “We met with David Frenz, operational director of Stagecoach City Link Coaches.

“Mr Frenz received our petition - which currently stands at 810 signatures - and listened to our concerns.

“We are being realistic. In the first instance, we are asking Stagecoach/City Link to consider reinstating the morning bus which arrives in Edinburgh at 1.03pm to stop in Birnam on the way south and the 7.10pm from Edinburgh to stop in Birnam on its way north.

“This will enable visitors to get to Birnam in late afternoon and local people to have day trip to Edinburgh.

“When we met Mr Frenz on Wednesday he made no promises, but he will get back to use towards the end of May.

“Our group will wait to see what we hear then. We hope Stagecoach will listen but, if not, we will take our petition to the Scottish Parliament.”

​A spokeswoman for Scottish Citylink said: "We met with residents from Birnam to explain the reasons behind our recent timetable changes in the area.

"We understand the points that were made at the meeting and we have agreed to look again at the options regarding links to Birnam and Dunkeld at particular times of the day.

"However, it's important to bear in mind that only around two people per day were using our previous services to and from Birnam which simply could not be maintained.

"There continue to be other public transport services available in the area which allow customers to link into the Scottish Citylink network in Perth."

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