Sunday 15th May 2016
Newly Weds Have Coach Seats Dedicated To Them

Newlyweds, Geoff & Patricia Lambert have had seats dedicated to them by National Express one year since their love began.

Neither Geoff nor Patricia Lambert were scheduled to board the National Express 250 service from Stansted Airport to Colchester on May 7 last year, but ended up sitting next to each other.

Geoff, 68, who is originally from Sussex but was living in Auckland, New Zealand, was travelling to visit family in Colchester after the marathon flight and had pre-booked a later coach, but managed to get through customs in record time to hop on board.

Patricia’s plans had also changed, and was travelling home to Colchester after a trip to Southend and only picked the seat beside Geoff because the extra legroom would help her fit her extra luggage.

After spending the short one hour journey talking about absolutely everything, they swapped numbers to keep in touch whilst Geoff was in the UK and kept in touch but they got on so well they couldn't bear to be apart so Patricia quit her job and moved to Australia to be with Geoff, they wed on 28th December the same year.

Now in a National Express first, their seats have been dedicated to their relationship and the gesture was unveiled by driver Arron Slater who was driving the coach on the day a year after the fateful meeting.

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